News Articles

‘Researchers Claim to Find Insurgency Patterns That Can Predict Future Attacks’

Fox News, Jan 2010

Fog of War Demystified by Financial ‘Power Law’

Discovery Magazine, Jan 2010

‘The Science of the Afghan Insurgency’

USA Today, Dec 2009

‘Violence Follows Common Patterns’

BBC, Dec 2009

‘Can There Be a Mathematics of War?’, Dec 2009

‘Understanding the Care and Feeding of Insurgents’

Miller-McCune, Dec 2009

‘TED Fellow Sean Gourley published in Nature: Q&A interview’

TED, Dec 2009

‘The Sums of Death’

The National, Dec 2009

‘Powerlaw Explains Insurgent Violence’

Science, Dec 2009

‘Modellers Claim Wars Are Predictable’

Nature News, Dec 2009

‘Mining data to predict attacks in Iraq’

FastCompany, May 2009

‘Scientists predict law of war’

The Telegraph, June 2008

‘Tracking people’s electronic footprints’

Science, November 2006

‘The mother (nature) of all wars’

American Physical Society, November 2006

‘Rules of Engagement’

Economist, July 2005’(X(%25Q!’%20%200%22X%0A

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